We optimize labour force intensive processes

Field Services

¿What we do?

Applying our know-how and metholodgy, we increase the efficiency of labour force with geographical dispersion intensive processes:

· Meter reading
· Fleet management
· Hotels management

Distinctive Features

Applying our methodology in non industrial processes we achieved enhancing the efficiency of the services.

Furthermore, we agree standard service levels with our customers, adjusting his goals, with variable invoicing depending on the productivity rate.


¿What benefits we provide?

Increase efficiency

Enhance productivity

Costs variability

Process optimization


Grupo CTC is part of different social and public institutions that promote labour integration. Find out our 2020, 2021 and 2022 non financial report. 

Awards and Certifications

Grupo CTC works in continuous improving processes and we have a big commitment with total quality. Find out more here.