We enhance manufacturing lines

Advanced Logistics Center (CLA)

¿What we do?

We provide solutions for the automotive field since 1992.

We give wide support to manufacturing and quality to every tire involved in the final product assembly:

· Quality control
· Assistance and techical support
· Engineer and residents
· Pre-assembly and kitting

Distinctive Features

We work to guarantee fluency and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

We are part of the production process like a quality wall between manufacturer and provider, assuming a link role between them.

Our goal is to provide to our customers a complete solution, with adjusted costs, fulfilment deadlines and quality service.

We offer services for the automotive manufacturers and pieces providers.


What benefits we provide?

Fluency and Efficiency in processes

Enhance of productivity

Ineficiency and contingencies reduction

Flexible organization


Grupo CTC is part of different social and public institutions that promote labour integration. Find out our 2020, 2021 and 2022 non financial report. 

Awards and Certifications

Grupo CTC works in continuous improving processes and we have a big commitment with total quality. Find out more here.