We improve your logistics activities

Plant Logistics

¿What we do?

Complete logistics management of the whole productive plant or some parts of it.

Some of the tasks that we do in our services:

· Reception and storage of raw material
· Preparation of point of consume supply chain needs
· Feeding and handle of productive lines
· Line evacuation or productive machine

Distinctive Features

We do plant logistics in different industries:

· Metal working
· Automotive sector
· Chemical industry

We know to adapt to every customer needs applying know-how to achieve optimal and efficients material flows.


What benefits we provide?

Enhance productivity

Reduction costs and flexibility

Experience in employee subrogations

Own labour agreement


Grupo CTC is part of different social and public institutions that promote labour integration. Find out our 2020, 2021 and 2022 non financial report. 

Awards and Certifications

Grupo CTC works in continuous improving processes and we have a big commitment with total quality. Find out more here.