We optimize product handling


¿What we do?

Offering all kind of handles, validating with quality assurance and quality control (QA and QC) to guarantee no deffects of manufacturing.

Additionally, we provide basic services on transport, raw material storage and also warehouse logistics.

We provide our handle services of finish and unfinish products in our customer platforms and or in our own facilities.

Distinctive Features

We design customize services following the specs of every customer. 

We are guaranteed for our integrated management of the activity, with innovative IT installations and softwares, with specialized employees.

· Total control and management of handling
· Total quality and tracking
· Commitment with logistic goals fulfilment

¿Which benefits we provide?

Enhance productivity and flexibility

Costs reduction

Improving service levels

Technological dedicated resources


Grupo CTC is part of different social and public institutions that promote labour integration. Find out our 2020, 2021 and 2022 non financial report. 

Awards and Certifications

Grupo CTC works in continuous improving processes and we have a big commitment with total quality. Find out more here.